When Real Italians Miss The Old Country They Reach For This…

RE: “Missing Italy”
FROM: Rocco Mariano, Connecticut
Tuesday 12:39pm



Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever been to Italy then you’ll get a clear picture in your mind when I reminisce about…

  • The lively piazzas
  • The half empty wine carafes
  • Laughter billowing through the air
  • Music flowing from every direction
  • The omnipresent aroma of fresh and delicious food

Just thinking back on my time there brings a huge smile to my face! :)

My name is Rocco and I’m an Italian American living in the Northeast, Connecticut to be exact.

Let me tell you a quick story about how I found the ultimate Italian delicacy that takes me back to the old country with each bite (it’s the closest thing to teleporting)…

My last trip to Italy was came to an end.  After returning to America, I was back to work, back to the daily grind.  I missed Italy, the people, the food, the sights, the smells, everything.

So I started traveling to every “Little Italy” in the Northeast looking to replicate the exact taste that I missed so much. The taste that brought me back to “Piazza Navona” without leaving the house.

After visiting Arthur Ave in New York, Hanover street in Boston, Federal Hill in Providence, and every other enclave chock-full of authentic Italians … I finally found it.

After Years Of Tasting Prosciutto di Parma’s, I Finally Found The One That “Takes You Back To The Old Country” With Just One Taste!

Journeying to these “real deal” Italian places I ran into every type of Italian meat and cheese known to man.

But one prosciutto stuck out.  It came fresh from the rolling hills of Parma Italy.  Stamped and certified.  As fresh as a cool summer breeze and as pungent as bright bed of flowers.

What I noticed most about Italian deli’s and stores is that they mostly purchase their supplies from large national distributors, which is great when considering inventory, logistics, and pricing.

But I was searching for that real deal authentic Prosciutto.  I eventually found it.  Surprisingly it was not in Boston, NYC, or even Providence.  The supplier was located right in the heart of Connecticut.

Unlike most large importers who worry about price alone, these guys are all about quality and freshness.  Instead of lowering their price by purchasing several containers and stocking inventory for up to six months to a year at a time, they buy smaller batches and keep the inventory fresh (at a higher cost and inconvenience I would imagine).

You can taste the difference (literally).

When you slice a fresh prosciutto straight from the bone, you will smell the fresh air of Parma, Italy.  You can see in your minds eye the prosciutto hanging in a basement with the rolling hills of Parma out the window.  It’s a special feeling that you will soon experience.

I was introduced to this brand of Prosciutto at a friends home.  He went to the cellar and came back up with a piece of meat that looked like most of the Prosciutto di Parma’s I’ve tried.

After the first taste, I realized this one was special.

… I teleported back to Italy (my mind was blown).

I had to ask where he got this brand of parma prosciutto.  I’ve tasted 20+ different brands but this one stuck out…

“Where did you get this?  I’ve been looking for this ever since I left Italy!”

After revealing his source I later found out that they did not deal with the public.  I would have to purchase a whole leg if I wanted to try it.

“A Whole Leg of Prosciutto Is Better Than Bags of Gold…”

Once I purchased a whole leg, I stored some and left a chunk to be sliced for friends and family, then something magical happened.

People started coming over more.  I was the hit of every party.  Friends and family would stay longer.  Conversations became more rich.  The lively piazzas of Italy were coming to life right in my own neighborhood.  It was truly amazing.

The magic of fresh Parma Prosciutto:

  • Prosciutto is so expensive in the retail stores that nobody has enough to share.  Those with prosciutto to share are the rockstars in their social circles so be careful
  • When you bring a plate of finely sliced prosciutto to a party, it’s like showing up with small bags of gold for everybody to take, it’s that impressive and memorable
  • Cutting a few slices and relaxing with some cheese and wine will take you back to Italy (whether you’ve actually been there physically or just in your imagination).  This is a treat that you’ll look forward to all day long so don’t overdo it
  • Prosciutto can be frozen in chunks and a whole leg will last for a long time, giving you hundreds of servings
  • Your breakfasts will soon be the envy of your friends once you start adding a few slices of prosciutto on top of your favorite breakfast sandwich.  This high class treat can be yours each morning.  Imagine going to work after that?
  • Your friends will treat your leg of prosciutto like a chest of gold.  It will attract your friends and quite possibly make you new ones.  Watch out who you share this with
  • Instead of awkwardly trying to offer money to people that help you out, watch their face when you offer them a platter of fresh cut prosciutto from your personal supply (my mechanic still talks about this)
  • Conversation seems much richer with a plate of prosciutto to pick on.  It must be an Italian thing but every time people get together over prosciutto and wine something magical happens

Here’s a few questions you may be asking yourself:

1. How can I get this specific brand of Prosciutto di Parma?

Glad you asked! As I mentioned earlier I found this brand of Prosciutto after a tireless search to replicate the taste and experience that I had while in Italy. I ended up finding the perfect prosciutto and realized this supplier does not deal directly with the public.

Once I got my paperwork situated and found a way in, I began ordering prosciuttos by the leg for myself. This turned into a situation like I explained “it’s like having a supplier of the finest gold” … my friends and family began asking me to get one for them.

So as of today, I purchase these prosciuttos right when the new shipment comes in and distribute them amongst my family, friends, and a few select customers.

To answer your question: Yes, you can get this prosciutto and I’ll tell you how in a minute…

2. Do I need a whole leg or should I buy a pound or so?

I sell by the leg.  The benefits of having a whole leg of prosciutto are endless, but I’ll try to name a few.

Buying it by the pound in the store:

  • Goes bad after a few days
  • Very expensive which prohibits you from sharing (which is the best part of the whole experience)
  • You’ll never get to master the art of slicing prosciutto which is a part of the Italian legacy
  • You’ll eat it in one sitting and never get to truly experiment like they do back in the old country.  I literally had prosciutto 15 different ways during my 10 day visit.

By having a whole leg you will:

  • Have more than enough to share with family and friends.  This is why “Real Italians” that miss the old country always have a leg in the fridge
  • Learn the right way to cut a prosciutto which has been an Italian pastime for centuries.  This will bring you closer to Italy with each slice
  • Enjoy never ending conversation.  There must be some type of DNA strand in the parma pigs that when consumed makes life much better and richer (just joking – sort of)
  • Become the life of the party each and every time.  Leave the veggie platter and dips to the amateurs.  Show up with a prosciutto plate and never be forgotten

3. Where would I store it?

Each time we get a new leg of prosciutto we cut a nice chunk to keep in the fridge and store the rest in the freezer.  As the prosciutto lays flat, it doesn’t take up much room and can be stored quite easily.

When I slice the chunk on hand and it is consumed, I pull it out of the freezer and cut another chunk.  Also, once I get the prosciutto I cut a few chunks off for some select family members.  It’s become a tradition at this point!  It’s like birds flying south for winter.  Not sure how they know I have a new leg of prosciutto but the moment I bring it home, my phone starts ringing.

So, to answer the question, we store it right in our main freezer and most of the others do the same.  Some are lucky enough to have an extra freezer (don’t all Italians?), where they store it.

Why Am I Sharing This With You?

This prosciutto comes in limited runs so why would I offer it to you?  Well, it’s simple.  When the shipment comes in we grab a few for everyone “on the list” and some people still have some left over, some are out of town, and some just simply skip a shipment for reasons unbeknownst to me.

So, this always creates a surplus on hand and I have two options for dealing with it:

1) I can give the extra legs back to the supplier, which will cause them to stop reserving my standard shipment.

2) Offer the “extra legs” for sale to other people not “on the list”

So, as you guessed, I chose to go with #2.  I don’t want to lose my preferred customer status with the supplier as on some shipments the whole list wants their prosciuttos.

How Can I Purchase This Prosciutto Right Now?

Well, I have a simple system.  If the “Buy Now” button below is working, I have a surplus of Prosciutto’s on hand and can sell one to you.

If the button is not working (you won’t be able to click on it) then I’m sold out of this shipment and you have to wait to see if we have a surplus on the next one.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • With each purchase you will receive the freshest Prosciutto di Parma available outside of Parma Italy.
  • Each Prosciutto is a full leg and weighs approximately between 15-17lbs.  Each leg is a different weight as you can imagine as Parma Pigs are not all the same size
  • We will ship within 1-2 business days of purchase
  • Your Prosciutto will be shipped in the original packaging from Italy
  • Your Prosciutto will be stamped with the Ducal Crown, which shows the identification of the breeder, the month of the animal’s birth, and the identification of the slaughterhouse.  This is done by the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma.
Parma Prosciutto
Parma Prosciutto

Bonus 1:

During my journey’s I also picked up some of the best Balsamic Vinegar from Modena Italy and purchased these beautiful bottles to bring along with the Prosciutto when I go to an event of a party, or just simply would like to give somebody a token of appreciation.  The quality is mind blowing and I’d like to show you a token of appreciation and give you one as a bonus gift to go along with your prosciutto.  Sprinkle some onto strawberries or melon to go along with the prosciutto or use it to dip bread.  You’ll love it, I promise!

Bonus 2:

Also, I’d like to send you a digital cookbook with a ton of Italian recipes.  As I said earlier, with this leg of prosciutto you’ll be eating it with so many different foods and trying new snacks that a new cookbook will give you tons of new ideas.  Enjoy!

Price: Only $255 (This is the price family pays!)

Includes FREE SHIPPING within USA

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Just think.  When you celebrate with a nice dinner it costs around $100-$150 per couple.  For the price of 2 measly dinners you will celebrate hundreds of times, share with your family and friends, and create a newfound joy and appreciation of the Italian culture and everything that comes with it.

Would you give up two dinners (these are fleeting moments) to create hundreds of dinners and opportunities to gather your friends and family?  Of course you would!

If the button is available that means we have stock.  I cannot guarantee the stock will last and the shipments vary due to several factors including supply, demand, inventory, and logistics.

If you would like to join our list and purchase one of these prosciutto’s I would suggest you do so now as they may be unavailable if you wait and I cannot guarantee when this opportunity will be back again, if ever.

Remember, if the whole “list” wants their prosciutto, they have first option.  If anyone declines, then we have a surplus, which is offered to the public.  Sometimes we have many left over, sometimes we have none.

When real Italians miss the old country, they just reach into the fridge and pull out their personal supply of Prosciutto!

Talk soon,

Rocco Mariano

P.S.  This offer is not meant to last and is only to keep me on the preferred customer list.  If I have left over legs of prosciutto, I will continue offering them to the public for the same price that my family members pay.

P.P.S.  As a token of appreciation, I will include a bottle of the best Balsamic Vinegar imported directly from Modena Italy and also an Italian cookbook which will give you tons of ideas.

P.P.P.S.  Once you taste this prosciutto, you’ll “go back to the old country,” I can assure you of that!

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